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CreatedSep 28, 2012
PublishedMay 18, 2013
Warriors Trained1690400
Total Skips9644
Total Code Submissions2536530
Total Times Completed1846375
JavaScript Completions499831
CoffeeScript Completions4889
Ruby Completions88809
Python Completions332883
Haskell Completions10216
Clojure Completions5503
Java Completions300952
C# Completions152357
Elixir Completions4500
C++ Completions121879
TypeScript Completions10186
PHP Completions55979
Crystal Completions802
Dart Completions1495
Rust Completions5354
F# Completions1851
Swift Completions16283
Go Completions11720
Shell Completions6310
C Completions41977
Lua Completions250
SQL Completions18495
BF Completions166
R Completions339
Nim Completions76
Erlang Completions229
Objective-C Completions126
Scala Completions429
Kotlin Completions355
Solidity Completions154
Groovy Completions75
Fortran Completions57
NASM Completions98
Julia Completions103
PowerShell Completions204
PureScript Completions40
Elm Completions90
OCaml Completions41
Reason Completions26
Idris Completions29
Racket Completions32
Agda Completions22
Coq Completions9
Total Stars563
% of votes with a positive feedback rating77% of 6436
Total "Very Satisfied" Votes4093
Total "Somewhat Satisfied" Votes1732
Total "Not Satisfied" Votes608