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  • Needs random tests

  • Either I'm experiencing an incredible brain failure or merely trying to access a member of the input array causes a SIGSEGV signal.
    I'm guessing that's what RafaARV means.

    static TreeNode* arrayToTree(std::vector<int> arr) 
        int value = arr[0];
        return NULL;
    Process exited prematurely with a SIGSEGV signal.

    EDIT: Even stranger, at() seems to work just fine, i.e.:

    int value = arr.at(0);

    EDIT 2: Just realised the first test is an empty vector, hence arr[0] freaking out. doh.

  • To be completely honest I stole it from Codility. I just find CodeWars a much nicer environment and thought I'd give others the benefit of doing it here :)

    I'm still figuring out the interface so I'll see how I can add random tests at some point.

  • Nice first kata! :-) Thanks.

    You should add random tests.

  • You can print anything you want to STDOUT.

  • It would be nice to have a command line interface like the one exercism.io has.

  • Debugging seems to be an absolute bitch. Am I missing something or is the only output I'm allowed to see that of the tests? =/