• cheater is only cheating themselves

    and people who came by their point by honest work. Points are unqualified, and if I see someone with 10 000 points, I don't assume they've copied solutions to get those.

    Not all "cheats" that bypass the testing system can be defended against, and I am not interested in a war of attrition with cheaters anyway. I would rather create kata than anti-cheat measures. And anti-cheat often resteicts valid language features that can also be used legitimately. The ultimate anti-cheat is forbidding solutions. That throws out the baby with the bathwater, don't you think?

  • Use the and keyword for logical AND in Python (& is a bitwise operator, not want you want here).

  • Anybody else having issues accessing kata? When I navigate to the kata endpoint I'm faced with an internal server error. I've logged in and out several times, closed and reopened different browsers, yet nothing.

  • Only users with 300+ points can create a kata.

  • How do I create a kata?
    I saw one person on youtube say it is in the dropdown menu where sign out and view profile is.
    I don't see it, can anybody help me.

  • To quote the top of this very page:

    Feature Requests

    To request or vote on new features please visit our Github Issues.


    The comments below used to be the mechanism for requesting new features. These are being left for now so that they can still be accessed, but any new ideas should be added to Github.

  • It would be nice to display a translator's name next to an author's name at the header of each kata (if the kata was translated by a different person, of course).

  • You can get honor from many ways including achievments. But is there a way to check what the Achievments are?

  • I feel like there should be more clan features as all you can do is see eachothers stats, im not sure how you would implement this though.

  • In user settings you can write your clan name, when there are two or more people with the same clan name they will automatically be put in the clan, you can see their stats ect

  • Kenzie Academy Brasil - Experiência

  • Me too but I found in the account settings you can name your clan and if you have the same name clan with someone and you follow each other. Automically you two will become an allies. When you have an ally you can see their progress in the home page.

  • Please use discourse section for the relevant kata, this isn't the place for it.

  • Hi,

    I' puslished, months ago, a Go translation for "Infix to Postfix Converter".

    Please approve or reject it.

  • A question; not a suggestion.

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