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  • Line 8 is erroring because word[x+1] is out of bounds

  • Mark your post as having spoiler content next time. Without markdown formatting Python code is specially hard to read when indentation is removed.

    The error is pretty self-explanatory, inside your loop, you're trying to access an index that doesn't exist. Adjust your code.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • i created my fuction based on the isograms of all orders. without realiasin that they where only asking about isograms of 1 order. my mistake whas in follow the definition of this page of isograms than following what explicit asked the problem

  • Why are you posting a spoiler like that? Don't, it's not allowed.

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  • That depends on what you Google. Are you just throwing in an answer and leaving it or are you then exploring other avenues.

    I had a brain fart and and to Google how to check for an empty array in JavaScript :)

  • Hey , did you put at the first issue return "true" if the string's is empty?
    With me this work's!

  • My solution passes every test except one of the basic tests returns the statement "None should equal True". I assumed this is in response to the empty string edgecase but my solution does return true when the input is an empty string. Anyone have thoughts on this?

  • Random tests are missing.

  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • quick question from a newbie...... how am i supopost to know? I mean I can google my way trouth the solution but isn't that cheating? Is there a better way to find this stuff out or do you all just google things?
    Thanks for any answer :)

  • BIG HINT and advice (didn't think it was necessarily a spoiler since a bit of assistance in this nature isn't a solution per say, but open to opinions otherwise):
    Very tricky at first as I was confused why my array was looking at previous attempts and finding repeating values, but it might be because the pointer pointed to by unitialized array was being referred to over and over. Make sure you initialized your array (if that's the method you choose, similar to hashtable) every time you call it! ;)

    Also the stdbool.h file is being included so "true" and "false" work (for those who are confused below).

  • Hi, steffan153, I am really sorry. I thought I had flagged it.

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