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  • Add a sample test with height=even number

  • not an issue, closing. Generic message below:

    Seems you're "rather new" to cw, so here are some general guidelines about the comments:

    • Issue: problem in the kata itself (description, wrong tests, wrong internal solution...)
    • Suggestions: well, I guess that part is clear
    • Question anything else that is related to you having a problem solving a kata -> that's you, currently.

    When you post issues:

    • provide ALL the useful information:
      • language
      • input
      • outputs (actual expected) when relevant
      • error message when relevant
    • check, DOUBLE check that this IS an issue, meaning that the problem is in the kata itself and not in your code. If it's in your code, post rather a question
    • if you pass this step, you still have to prove/explain what the issue is (and if you can provide fixes, it's even better)

    When you post a question: well, most of the above apply too x)

    When you post code, use proper github markdown, so that it's readable.

    And for your current problem, did you check what are the inputs/outputs to try to debug your code on your own?


  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Good kata!
    I like these math problems ;)

  • Whoops, forgot to add the samples.

  • See issue above

  • No sample tests in Ruby

  • Thank you for this great Kata, clever exercise.

  • I wasn't mistaking you for anyone else; the question was not directed at you specifically.

    Those quotes are directly from Forum -> Kata Best Practices, which I take as ex cathedra.

  • Was that always there...

    yep ;)

    What happened to "Make Sure Content is New"

    Don't mistake me with someone else. ;)
    On my side, I solved it using an approach I don't use often (used it maybe one time for another more complex kata), so that aspect sounded fine to me.

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