• Thanks for the interesting Kata. Used to write JS like C. Now learned new JS features.

  • πŸ‘‰πŸ˜ΊπŸ‘‰ Righteous! πŸ™Œ

  • Finished all doc's purple katas. Enjoyed every of them.
    Many thanks.

  • mmm... when first see 11x11, I thought it's insane.

  • Kyu and Dan are ranks for Go players, correct?
    So, this kata is a must have for CW.

    Well designed kata, Thank you.

  • Sorry about that.But when I made that comment, I'd no edit privilege. So, all I can do is say someone who has the same to do so.

    Try to contribute more and criticize less.
    I noticed you have not published a single Kata.

    Your tone sounds like I got paid to clean up this Beta from the forgotten land.

  • edge and point should block the light.
    added random tests to 1000.

  • Johan, can you cast your difficulty vote on the kata? hopefully this time it will be able to collect enough votes so the suggested rank will reflect the difficulty somewhat better.

    Or have you already?

  • (yeah, you're very well known for your pretty accurate rank estimations, right... XD )


  • I used the voted Rank.

    Don't go by that for old katas, as you can see from my solution the problem is around 4 - 5 kyu.

    Fixed the error in a fork.

    Are they still in fork? I guess you might not have access the edit the test cases, how did you add the random tests?

    1. Testings are inadequate as my solution fails consistently around [0 - 5] random tests.
    2. How many triangle edges are required to block the sunlight?or One have to think the sunlight as thin cylinder and triangle edges(or corners(I mean V of triangles)) would have to make angle of 360 degree to stop that?

    In any case second point is underspecified.

  • Added a figure. Changed the code.

    Thanks for the good suggestions.

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