• In the explanation, you probably should give some explanation/link on how to multiply matrices for people who aren't familiar with that (I was certainly confused for a few minutes). Also, I think writing 'modulus' instead of 'mod' would be a little clearer.

  • No response. Closing.

  • The checker function is very slow, takes almost 5 secs in itself. Use a more performant solution (find one in the solutions :-)

  • The predefined wordset can be overwritten: see my solution

  • Hi,

    We already have some katas related to this one (here and here). Yours goes a tiny bit further, but since it's only about calling a builtin inside a loop, I don't feel it like different enough.

    In addition to that, some of your requirements are untestable: you're asking for a dict, but you're talking about ordering the items. That's inconsistent: dicts aren't compared according to the order of the items, but only their presence/equality. So either you ask for a list of tuples, or you remove this requirement (it's actually testable, but would need an extra check and, either way, if you wanna something ordered in a usable way, don't use dicts). Note that going to a sorted list unforuntaly won't change the overall "too close to a duplicate" problem.

    Note: use the new test framework, when you author a kata, plz.

  • Are you returning a new array, or modifying the input one?

  • (there is still time to unpublish it! ;) )

  • @Blind4Basics you have been very helpful throughout though. Thankyou for that!

  • I have seen many katas where they have placed restrictions on some functions so I thought it would be a good idea to place one here too. I dont know how to do it thats why I wanted help from you guys to fix this in beta. Plus this is a 7 kyu kata so I thought it will be fun for that level. I expect helpful replies from the people at the top of the game but sadly many of the comments are heavily underwhelming and finish your motivation to create more katas :(

  • @faizanraza: I told you it was a bad idea, tho...

  • > please solve this kata without using the str() function and if you know how to disable the str() function, please edit the kata and disable it

    Or in other words, it can't be enforced, and is a bad idea? In general a requirement that can't be enforced is a big issue, since kata are run by TDD and anything not explicitly tested is free game.

    If your kata relies on forbidding the use of converting from integer to strings, you either need to use a proper language for that (like C), or you need realize that it's probably not worth making a kata out of the apparently shallow cleverness of the idea anyway.

  • Hi, look at these katas. Regards, suic

  • Hi, I never tried to forbid that kind of stuff. I'd tend to think that if you need that, you'd rather to be absolutely sure this idea is a good one (because often it is not...! x) )

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