• the description isn't giving the info that the output should finish with a new line
    • the tests are really bad:
      • my solution passes the tests without that last char
      • but the sample tests are specifically wanting it
      • there are close to no chances that the random tests catch that error
      • no fixed tests
      • the tested coordinates are ranom, but not the inputs
      • (why the hell not testing the full board string!??? xo )
  • I added tests that check for valid months and days.

  • You are only ever provided with a single dimension.
    What does "checking the color of 8 X 3 field" mean when you are given a dimension of 8. It will be an 8 x 8 square.
    How useful is this message, "Here you should have whitespace - Expected: 'white', instead got: 'black'"?

  • fixed;-)...

  • PHP translation kumitted. Please check and approve

    • Needs example tests
    • Which tile is whitespace, and which tile is #? The description only said the two tiles corresponds to them, but never said which one is which.
  • Hello! Nice kata.

    My solution doesn't check for <= 31 for the date, but it still passed the tests.

  • Nice exercise, but the tests don't cover all possible "corner cases". As a result some solutions that don't follow the description are accepted.
    Things the tests don't check:

    • String with 2-digits Years should be accepted
    • Strings where the Month or the Day is '00' should be rejected
    • Strings where the last 4 characters contain something different from numbers should be rejected
  • Yeah I know it's just for testing :), now fixed and working, test cases seems works too. Thx for your effort.

  • Yes it's right your solution passes without new lines, and now I've changed that. But have you tried console.logging your string? It does not look like a chessboard. That's why it fails the 8x3 check.

  • example test cases would be awesome.

  • It accepts board without newline characters but with newline characters it fails at first test's third option which checks 8x3 field.

  • It would be helpful with these test cases, mark that '#' symbols are equal to black cells and ' ' are white cells.

  • It's fixed. Sorry about that.Thanks for having a look.

  • Sorry about that.

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