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  • Hi iaeliyen, I guess it could be approved now that a few people have done it. There are only two rank assessments, 1kyu and 2kyu, so I'll give myself the casting vote and say it should be 2kyu.

    At some point I should get around to translating it into some other languages, or maybe someone else will.

  • Yesss finally did it! Very nice kata!
    I guess it's definitly purple, but im not sure if 1 or 2 kyu..

  • fixed, thanks :D

  • sounds good, yes.

    note: typo:

    given any integer of format 2^a3^b outputs 5^(a×b), hence it can BE said that the program "multiplies" the integers a and b.
  • @Blind4Basics, is that fine now?

  • Fixed

  • 'Here is syntax of the C++, and this is how you write a sudoku solver'(with reference attached for explanation)

    This argument only holds for those who haven't seen any C-type languages or any imperative programming language.

  • Can you please try to not the make the program for multiplication out of the blue?
    Right now, the description quite "uneven": Here are the rules to help you get started and here is not-so-obvious program for multiplication.

    almost like 'Here is syntax of the C++, and this is how you write a sudoku solver'(with reference attached for explanation)
    Suggestion: Just give the rules or (Just give the rules, and if possible give an example with explanation and without cross-referencing)

    I am open to discuss this point(that's why I ain't editing on my own)

    (Anyone can close the issue with a reasonable reason for why the description is good)

  • Yes, i remember our "discussion" two years ago and your discouragement - and there was not really a help from my side. The point was, that the other one was an extract from this one - part of my "discouragement" that nobody solved this one;-). Same with the "reduced fraction" kata. So i did not want to put any work into these two easier ones, included the work for your suggestions - as i said before, i reduced (some times complete) my "work" on codewars and for own katas long time before;-). And second there existed many solutions without your "problems"... So perhaps a short explanation to understand my reasons a little bit better...

  • To support what monadius said, even after all solutions are invalidated, votes still count so you can change kata totally, invalidate everything, and it will still be eligible for approval. I did exactly this thing on one of 1 kyu betas and did not have to wait for new solutions.

    This kata was always interesting for me but I got so terribly discouraged by my experience with this kata that I didn't even bother to try this one. I hope that when it leaves beta it will not be as frustrating as the 4 kyu one ;)

  • Nice to see someone put this on Codewars. I didn't know C# so I'm also grateful that lsnbr translated it to Python.

  • Now you have to consider the python translation of "@lsnbr", there's no problem if versions differ "a little bit"... I mark this issue here as resolved, for me it's only a suggestion, because your issue was fulfilled yesterday and i got no answer, if you can solve it now without the "correct solution" (i don't think so, but maybe i'm wrong;-)). Don't think that "proper" is a reason to raise a new issue here;-).

  • For me it's really ok and (very;-)) good work - haven't looked for each detail, because i reduced my "work and time" here! Differs a little bit from my old one, but should be no problem - and no issue with random tests too, better than my quick "solution" yesterday. So approval follows... Thanks:-)! So probably the next discussion will start @monadius...;-)

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