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    This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

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    So I was wondering how the expected does the calculation for median.
    Since my solution for median is correct but the expected was giving
    values like 55.5 and 64.5 when these values didn't exist in the list of scores
    and median is get the middle value.

    Example :
    1,3,5,7,9 = 5
    1,22,33,34,35 = 33

    The value most be the middle number in the list.

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    Now all works, thanks.

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    Missed a whole block, I'll blame it on being the morning. Should be good to go.

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    Sure, sample tests are ok now, final tests (at least for me) still have assertSimilar and don't pass. Could you check it? I'll try later again and if it works, mark it as resolved.

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    Thanks Chrono, should work now? Would you like to test then mark this issue as resolved. Cheers.

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    assertSimilar is used (you can see the sample tests), it turns both objects to strings and that's why it fails. assertDeepEquals should be used instead. You can define your keys in the expected order too in the meantime.

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    Not sure how you are checking for equality in JavaScript, but the tests do not pass if the returned object's properties are defined in a different order than expected, even though the two are functionally equal:

    Expected: '{ vowels: 1, consonants: 3 }', instead got: '{ consonants: 3, vowels: 1 }'

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    look at the sample tests: info isn't a keyword in any case, but depending on the language you use and/or the design you choose to implement, info will be either a property (x.info) or a method (x.info() or x.getInfo() or..., again, depending on your language).

    => you have to design your class so that it behaves consistently with what you see in the sample tests of your language. "Consistently" meaning here "whatever you choose to implement that can pass the tests".

    EDIT: don't forget to tell about the language you use (JS, I saw), when you post this kind of question, that avoids other user to go through your profile page (and even that might not be helpful if you practice several languages)

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    Hi, Sorry if this has already been explained but what is get info()?
    Is 'info' also a keyword like 'get'?

    where else can i use 'get' and where can i find other 'get' keywords?
    There was 'get area' on mnd example...

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    The test randomly fails and succedes for the same SQL query :( The testing framework is not robust or cannot handle temporal views.

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    Hmmm...... there's a CoffeeScript translation waiting.

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    Wow. The IDE wouldnt import urllib for me.
    Learnt a fair bit about encoding I guess...

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    column order in the test does not fit the schema provided in the description

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