• I don't think it's an issue though

  • Unfortunately I cannot read python code without indents, so I can't help you now :(
    Please use markdown to preserve code block.

    def can_i_play(now_hour, start_hour, end_hour):
  • Thanks. I have updated the description

  • I don't think it's a fight. I think it's my contribution.

  • Thank you for debugging this. I was sloppy while doing refactoring and not testing code one more time.

    Are you sure that it's completely necessary to be so much defensive? I don't think that this hacky way of solution is excepted from "warriors" who want to learn the language. It is entertaining of course to solve problems in such a hacky way but my goal was "to provide a problem which is simple enough for beginners to walk through".

    I even didn't want to add those "random tests" as here

  • I haven't managed to find how to propose the kata's translation, so I have created new kumite and translated it to kata to discuss it with my learning group later this week.
    Could you guide me to this "pending python translation"? maybe I could help in accepting it faster.

  • Thanks to @fr0ggy for carrying those random tests

  • Hey, thanks for this translation. Is it OK to have python-code in problem description when it supposed to be solved with JS?

  • Do you have any links to those facts? Are them publicly available?

    I don't think that some warriors behavior is a proper reason for me to change my behavior.

    RIP very interesting kata with good tests

  • I don't buy it.

    I think that this "hardcoding the results" contradicts the spirit of education and I think it's an imaginary problem.

    You may have opposite opinion and I hope it's data-driven.

  • needs random tests. ;)

    Again. I don't think it brings significant value.

    All other comments are addressed now

  • Thanks for quick feedback.

    I have added sample tests and removed prints from the description.

    I didn't get the idea behind

    what are actually done the calls?

    I have switched default version to python 3.4. What else should I do to make it "compatible"?

  • I have doubled number of tests

  • Hello,

    • I added some clarifications for borders and simplified the task
    • I don't believe in random tests. I believe in equivalence classes and I think I covered them OK
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