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  • This comment is hidden because it contains spoiler information about the solution

  • Alex, for fuck sake, when will you get the idea that he cannot fix anything he doesn't know/understand in the first place. So just explain to him what you want exactly.

  • it can be inconvenient if the ans differs at 4th or 5th decimal place

    And that's why you have to compare the values for approximate equality instead of coming up with bad requirements?

  • i'm sorry for being such a mess but its my first and i'm gaining a lot from your issues.

  • but that is the ans and i have asked to return ans rounded to second decimal place because it can be inconvenient if the ans differs at 4th or 5th decimal place.

  • else: return False

    Do I have to reraise every issue?

  • [(round(s1_x,2),round(s1_y,2)),(round(s2_x,2),round(s2_y,2)),(round(math.sqrt(s1_x**2+s1_y**2),2),round(math.sqrt(s2_x**2+s2_y**2),2))]

    Not fixed, and the main issue is still there.

  • round(x)

    Still not fixed.

  • i have made the result to be a tuple insted of a list but i still don't get your point pls tell more about it.

  • resolved

  • okay i guess now you have nothing to be upset about,pls check it once again.

  • > PI = 3.142
    > Everything is being rounded

    Nothing was fixed.

  • okay thanks,i have updated the description,now i hope its better than before.

  • Can you please also show that how can random tests be cheated,like you said earlier.

    with the last update, they cannot anymore (hence my insistance about it)

  • i asked to return distance just so that the user can know quantitatively which block went farther and by how much.

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