• The expected result should be 0.2. The affinity, for this exercise, considers both values and their indices.

  • One question. What is the expected result if we have two vectors : [3,2,1], [1,2,3,4,5] (first test case modified). What is the expected affinity? 0.2 or 0.6?

  • Same here. Can you at least tell us what is the test case there?

  • Forget it. In these katas you really have to put numbers like 179424691 ? I cannot solve with all(n % i) because it checks all the numbers till 179424691 and I encounter Memory error nor I can break the for loop in the middle if he finds a divisor because this particular number is prime so again it goes till 179424691. And here, a kata ago, I have tried to solve another problem with recursion but again you put numbers too high to make it possible to solve in Python. I really don't get where you want to go with it.
    The point here is to check if the solution is correct or to find the fastest algorithm that will run without crashing? Think about it guys