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  • Fixed that, thanks!

  • Hey, please check out my first kata, will be very grateful for your feedback

  • marsians should be Martians

  • This kata has only 33% satisfaction rating, and a half of the required votes. It'll probably never become approvable.

  • Can someone please approve this one - thanks;-)!

  • Yes, totally forgot to add this info, thank you for pointing that. In my model recovered don't infect healthy people, added that to the description.
    Also I read your solution and there's one detail that you are missing: you have a journal where you put overall number of infected to recover on day X. That's not correct, because a number of them will have recovered a day earlier. Only new cases should be added to the journal.
    When I added that to your solution, it started to work for most cases except one:
    infected = 1
    people = 10
    spread = 1
    days_to_recover = 1
    In this case, your solution stucks in eternal loop, because sick will never become greater than people. There will always be 1 sick person who infects another one and recovers the next day. Recovered people will get infected again and the virus will never stop.

  • Thank you for the feedback! I quite missed the idea that big enough spread nullifies impact of days_to_recover, hence it was not tested well. Fixed that.

  • You are right, added more of them.

  • Thanks for your feedback! It was considered to be a valid test still, but you have a point, so I made them non-zero.

  • It should be explained whether recovered people keep infecting healthy people. Currently, both solutions which do and don't do that fail your random tests (perhaps, your own solution is not correct either).

  • The fixed tests are so weak an incorrect handling of days_to_recover will still pass the tests easily. So there should be more comprehensive fixed tests.

  • There should be more random tests.

  • All random inputs may be 0.

  • Please, don't spam that you've created a kata everywhere, use your kata's discussion instead.

  • Hello guys, pls test my kata, i will be very grateful!

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